LATCO Trust & Escrow opens its offices in 2006 , positioning itself as the regional leader for real estate and financial transactions through its trust and escrow services . LATCO is  an Authorized Company duly registered with the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

The establishment in the market is characterized by high ethical standards , confidentiality and superior service , gaining the clients’ trust and successfully managing the closing of all their transactions.

 The services have provided  to a large number of closings and property sales throughout Costa Rica and Panama. Today LATCO is  recognized as Trustees for several financial institutions and banks nationwide. WIth vast experience in financial , stock market and real estate confirms this is your best choice.

At LATCO Trust & Escrow, customers are treated as family, with professional service and custom made proposals to meet the needs of each client. The group of highly qualified professionals are intended to provide excellence in everyday service.  The team consists of Attorneys specialized in commercial law, Registry and Taxation, Public Notaries, Business Developers, Business Managers, Accountants and economists.

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