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LATCO offers you the best option in the market as a trustee, to guaranty the success in your transaction. Following you will find more information about this service.

A trust is a contract whereby a person, called settlor, conveys property, sums of money documents or rights, present or future, to another person named fiduciary, for managing or investing assets for the benefit of the owner or on behalf of a third party called a trustee.

  • The purpose of a trust may be as many as are the needs of the settlor. 
  • The trust is the central or core of the contract that refers to the actions that must be undertaken by the parties. 
  • The only limit regarding the purpose of a trust agreement is the legality of the trust since it must be according to the law.


• Guaranty 
• Administration 
• Testamentary


  • Contract according to the needs of the involved parties 
  • Heritage and autonomic involvement 
  • Assets are protected and suits from third parties.
  • Accountability 
  • Maximum term: 30 years